A Special Message for Antioch Kids Volunteers!

It's hard to believe it's been three months since we were live with Antioch Kids Ministry! The wait is over! Starting Sunday, June 21, we are reopening Antioch Kids! Woo Hoo!!

But first...

Can we pause and give a big round of applause (👏🏽👏 👏🏿) to Caroline M., Cory A., and Stephen C. for going the extra mile to make sure our kids could participate in a kids lesson from home!! I know my girls loved watching, and every parent is thankful for your contribution. 👏🏽👏 👏🏿

As helpful as that was, nothing can take the place of being in the presence of our church family. That's why we are making plans to reopen Antioch Kids. Realizing we are faced with new dynamics of ministry, we are implementing some new best practices when it comes to interacting with kids in the classroom.

Using the acronym A.C.T. we want every parent to know their child is entering a clean, safe environment.


  • Volunteers are asked to self-assess and stay home if sick, running fever, or have had close contact with someone with COVID.
  • Parents are asked to self-assess and keep children home if sick, running fever, or have had close contact with someone with COVID.
  • Classroom size will be assessed weekly, and maximum capacity for each classroom will be determined by the Antioch Kids Leader.


  • Tables, chairs, and other items used during class time will be cleaned before and after each worship service. Disinfecting wipes and sprays will be provided by the church for ease of use.
  • Hand-sanitizer will be available at each classroom door for children to use when entering/exiting the classroom.
  • A sink with soap is available in each classroom for children and volunteers to use as needed.
  • We are recommending that children on the first floor (Kindergarten and down) not use the sinks by the restrooms, but instead use the sinks in the classrooms.

Think Grace

  • While we will do our best to prepare, we cannot plan for every situation. As you interact with parents, children, and other volunteers…think grace.
  • Some kids may wear masks while others will not. Some kids will want to high-five, and others will not. Think grace as you navigate each situation individually.
  • There are times when you may need to take appropriate action. Know you have the full support of our church staff when operating under grace and according to our church culture: People Matter, Genuine Faith, Life Change, Generosity, and Creativity.

Thank you so much for your willingness to serve! You are investing in the lives of the next generation and teaching little hearts to love God and love people. Thank you!

Yes, I'm ready to sign up for a Sunday!


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Thanks for being willing to serve in the 9:30am service.

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