3 Things I Learned My First Week in Georgetown

by Andy Comer


It’s hard to believe that it’s been one week in our new hometown.  For the last several months we have seen God work in some incredible ways, and He hasn’t let up yet! It seems like every day we are hearing about some progress someone on our launch team is making.  Homes are being sold, new homes are being found, and new jobs are taking shape.

God is leading the way!

I wanted to document a few things I’m learning (or relearning) for my own reflection as well as give you an update on what’s taking shape.  So here are 3 things I learned my first week in Georgetown.


I Have Zero Credibility.

Before moving to Georgetown, when people asked what I did for a living I told them I was a church planter for Antioch Conway.  I could point to a church building, a church staff, a church office, a church congregation, and people would believe me.  The existing church gave me credibility.

After moving to Georgetown, most of that credibility is gone – at least from the perspective of my new community.  When I tell people I’m starting a new church in Georgetown, TX they ask, “Where is your church located?”  I respond, “We don’t have a place yet.”  Their follow up question is, “When do you meet for worship?”  I respond, “Oh we won’t meet for another six months.”

You can imagine the stares I get.  ?

Credibility has to be earned.  It will take time for us to build influence and credibility in our new city, but I know it will come.  You know why?  Because we love our city and we are here to stay!  We will go out of our way to serve people, share the love of Jesus, and show people that we care.  We will earn our credibility.

We love our city and we are here to stay! Share on X

Your Home is Your Mission Field.

We tend to live life with a closed front door.  We retreat into our private sanctuary away from the rest of the world to find solitude.  Certainly there are times when privacy is important, but other times we should open the front door.

Your home is a resource you can use to influence the people around you.

We intentionally decided to purchase a home in a neighborhood centrally located in Georgetown.  We wanted our home to be convenient commute for anyone in Georgetown.

My wife even strategically planned our new home decor with our future guests in mind.  She has purchased and arranged furniture that will maximize every square inch of our humble abode.  We even knocked out a few walls to open up the space a little.  Here are a couple of pictures to show our progress.

Your home is a resource you can use to influence the people around you. Share on X



You Can’t Do Life Alone!

Moving is stressful!  We have made at least a dozen trips to Home Depot, eaten more fast-food than our stomachs can handle, and still trying to remember what day is “trash day.”

Thankfully, we haven’t done it alone.  There have been plenty of people in our Christian community who have stepped in to help in more ways than I can describe in a few sentences.  Here’s what I know.  You can’t do life alone! Who would want to?

You were created for meaningful relationships with other people.  There are seasons when others are blessing and encouraging you, and there will be seasons when you are blessing and encouraging others. Know what season you’re in.


I’m not sure what next year holds, or next month, or even this coming week.  But one thing I do know…I trust God.  My hope is in Him alone to accomplish the work He sent us to do.  We’re growing forward.