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Why Aren’t We Having Weekly Worship?

We knew this day would come.  Ok, actually, we hoped this day would come! The day when people started to ask, “Why aren’t we having weekly worship?”

I’m certainly not a church planting expert, but it can’t be a positive thing if the comments after a worship service are, “Great! We don’t have to worship together for another month!”

This past Sunday we had our second monthly Preview Service, and it went super well! The coffee was on point, the electricity didn’t go out, and we didn’t lose any kids! Success!  Actually, what made the day great was the 43 volunteers actively serving, God’s presence in our worship, and watching new people connect to a church family.  It was a beautiful day.

We’re a new church in Georgetown, TX planning to officially launch in January, but after a day like Sunday, why don’t we go ahead and start worshipping together weekly?

Here are a few reasons why…

1. It forces us to remain outwardly focused.

I’ve pastored before.  I remember what it was like to constantly feel the pressure of “next Sunday.” It comes around with amazing regularity.

Every week there’s a sermon to prepare, information to be distributed, and follow ups to be made.  There are meetings, decisions, plans, and events that seemingly never end.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love it!  I even long for it!

However, not having a weekly worship service forces us to remain outwardly focused.  Just this week, I get to meet with a local school about how our church can partner with them in serving the students, teachers, and staff. It’s the school we’ve already served twice before.  Antioch Georgetown is also teaming up with a local non-profit, with a Christ-centered vision of helping adults with special needs contribute to the world.  Tonight, my family is hosting a neighborhood block party for National Night Out to meet our neighbors.

I’m not sharing this stuff to brag on us.  I want to illustrate where our focus is.

Our goal is to flex our outward focus muscle so much over the next few months, that when we do launch weekly services in January, outreach becomes second nature.

We’ve said all along that we aren’t here to plant a church service, but rather a church who cares as much about people outside the church as much as those inside the church.

2. We get to establish a solid culture.

When you plant a church you have the opportunity to create a culture not change a culture. Neither one is easy.

Just as there are many challenges to changing a church culture, there are many challenges to creating a church culture.

Everyone is new.  Some come to our church with baggage from a previous church experience.  Some come because their disgruntled at their last church. Others haven’t been to church in years!

If we aren’t careful, we could end up planting a church only to realize we’re on the wrong track.

If we aren't careful, we could end up planting a church only to realize we're on the wrong track. Share on X

We’re patiently taking our time, making sure we establish a solid culture. Through our weekly small group ministry, we’re able to drive home our Antioch Culture through biblical conversations and relationships.

3. We’re following the Spirit’s leading.

From the beginning we have said that we will do four things. Dream big. Plan strategically. Execute carefully. Follow the Spirit’s leading.

We’re dreaming, planning, executing, but most importantly we are following the Holy Spirit’s leading.

We don’t have our agenda that we’re asking God to bless.  We’re seeking His agenda, and want to follow Him there.  More than any strategic plan, we believe God has January 2018 on His calendar.  We don’t want to rush it, and we don’t want to lag behind.  We want to be in step with the Lord’s moving.

Because after all…it’s His Church that He’s building, and we are just thankful to be a part.


We don’t have the secret sauce to planting a church. We’re just a group of people who live by faith, love Jesus, and desire to make His name known in Georgetown, TX!