Celebrating God at Work:

         As Antioch Georgetown approaches the celebration of it one year anniversary, the phrase “I celebrate…” seems to be on the forefront of its members’ tongues. Today’s celebration comes from the 2018 Christmas outreach at Park Place Retirement Home. Last Saturday, 29 members of Antioch GT showcased that People Matter as they sang Christmas carols and pass out gifts to the senior adult residents.

         Park Place graciously allowed Antioch to share the joy of Christmas through the singing of a dozen carols, hand-delivering blankets and flowers, and sharing in conversations with residents and staffs. As this time opened doors for Antioch members to wish all a Merry Christmas and build relationship, it brought Christmas cheer to the residents and staff as Antioch’s generosity reminded them that they matter. Antioch Georgetown celebrates the opportunity to paint the heart of Christ in the flesh through investing in Park Place staff and residents.