My Journey to Georgetown – Caroline Malone

Hi, I’m Caroline Malone, I am 19 years old and on an incredible journey to Georgetown, Texas.  I guess you could say it actually started a year ago in January when attending my first Passion conference with my church Antioch, Conway.  I remember going into the building where Passion was being held and seeing thousands and thousands of college kids gathered together to praise my Lord and Savior. I could feel God working in my heart as I looked around the arena.

I will never forget, Louie Giglio, the host of Passion, as he came on stage and announced this guy, Levi Lusko. I had never heard of him before, but as Levi shared his story, I was overwhelmed! (Here is the link to his story)   I fell in love with his story and how God used something so tragic to do something so beautiful and inspiring. I could feel God tugging at my heart, but I wasn’t sure exactly why.  That night after the conference, I remember lying in the bed at the hotel and starring at the ceiling replaying some of the things in my head that Levi had said earlier. I can’t describe to you exactly how I felt, but I knew God was trying to tell me something.

Fast forward a few months.  My life got busy and I never really stopped to talk with God about my experience or ask Him what He was pulling at my heart to do.  Then one evening as I was waiting to go back to work I decided to take a nap.  That sounded better than doing my laundry that was looking like Mount Everest.  I tried to fall asleep, but my mind kept wondering. Feeling frustrated, I sat up in bed and saw my Bible on my book shelf.  I knew I hadn’t spent time in it like I should, so I picked it up and started flipping pages. I wish I could say God just gave me that perfect scripture to ease my thoughts like He had so often before, but that wasn’t the case. So I began talking to Him and explaining how I had never felt like this before.  I knew He wanted me to do something, but I just didn’t know what it was. That is when I remembered Passion and the way I felt when Levi Lusko was preaching.

I asked God what he was trying to tell me. I looked up Levi and his church ”Fresh Life” on the Internet hoping he would use this man again to speak to me.  As I listened to message after message over the next few days, I fell in love with his church’s goals and his passion for telling others about Christ. For days after this I googled Montana and questioned my self feeling crazy and silly for even thinking that God might be calling me to move to Montana to become a part of this church. I questioned God and started to think maybe it was just me in my head and that God wasn’t really calling me to move to Montana. The more and more I prayed about it I felt like He was calling me to move.

I remember the first time I talked to my parents about it. I rehearsed what I was going to say, because I didn’t want them to think that it was just one of those silly Caroline moments I frequently have. The reaction I got from them was totally unexpected. They said that if God was really calling me to do something they would start praying about it with me. Having my parents praying with me made everything seem so real. I mean Montana? Really?  Could God be calling me to move to Montana out of all places! I started talking to my sister, Courtney, about it and she was so excited for me. We  actually started talking about us both moving to Montana together. I mean God was placing every thing together and I was just beside myself, nervous, scared and excited.

A few days later my Mom called me and said, “guess who I just got off the phone with”? She told me she was talking to Bro.Jason (our Pastor) and mom had mentioned to him that Courtney and I were thinking about moving to Montana. She said he was shocked and laughed and asked what in the world was in Montana? She explained my heart and how I felt God was telling me to move. He then asked her if Courtney and I thought about moving to Georgetown,Texas with the launch team from Antioch, Conway. She told him that she would talk to us about it. At first when she mentioned it I was confused because I had my heart set on Montana. Wasn’t that where God was calling me? I began praying about my calling and the more I prayed about it I knew God was pointing me to Texas. I know now that God was using Montana and Levi Lusko to get my attention to guide me and move toward the path He wanted me on.

Now Courtney and I are in training for the big move to Georgetown this summer.  I’m so excited for the future God has planned for me! Just talking to God about it, I get chills and I want to hug Him! I’ve learned so much through the training that Andy, the church planter for Antioch Georgetown, has been conducting.  And I am learning more and more each day!  I can not tell you enough how the weights and chains fall off your shoulders when you just say ” YES” to God. It might not make any sense at the moment, but trust me it’s the best feeling. God calls all of us to follow Him.

John 8:12 says “When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

God is so good! Even though I have so many unknowns in my life right now, I am trusting and following after God.

– Caroline Malone