Trip Highlights Worth Celebrating

Trip Highlights Worth Celebrating!

by Andy Comer


Over the last 2 years, Erin and I have made nearly a dozen trips to Georgetown, TX. It’s hard to believe last week’s trip was the final trip before we officially move to Georgetown.

Many from our launch team took the opportunity to look for jobs and housing, as well as get a better feel for the area. Here are a few highlights from the trip we think are worth celebrating.

1. Three people found potential jobs! 

They aren’t hired yet, but the outlook is promising. For example, one young lady, who works in retail at a chain store in Conway, decided to investigate a potential job at the same store in Georgetown. Turns out they are looking to hire her current position! In fact, the manager and regional manager were in the store and able to discuss a possible store transition. How cool is that!

2. Our daughters made some friends! 

I believe that God cares about the small things. We have asked many of you to pray that our daughters would find new friends in Georgetown.  We met a very nice family who has 2 girls about the same age as our girls, and they even mentioned having a BBQ this summer once we get settled.  I’m not saying they found their new BFF, but it’s neat to know there’s a family to connect with.

3. Our launch team grew by 2!

We have been praying since the beginning for 20 adults, and this week our launch team has grown to 18. There is still the reality of finding jobs and housing, but we believe when God calls someone to something, He also provides! (We’re still praying for those other 2 commitments in the next 2 months.)

4. Online giving is ready, set, go!

Antioch Georgetown has been blessed in so many ways, and we give God all the credit! Help us fulfill our mission of leading people to follow Christ in a life-changing way. As always, you can give through our parent church, Antioch Baptist Church, or you can give directly HERE.

5. We bought a cargo trailer! 

With a generous donation from Temples Trailers in Sulphur Springs, TX, we were able to purchase a 17′ cargo trailer.  It will be used to transport our church gear to our worship locations. (By the way, keep praying about that!)


God continues to move, and we continue to grow forward toward January 21, 2018, our anticipated Launch Day. Thank you for praying with us, and we celebrate what God is doing to spread the name of Jesus through this new church.