launch team

What does it mean to be on the “Launch Team?”

by Andy Comer


When I first moved to Conway, AR to join Antioch Baptist Church, Pastor Jason Aultman asked me, “How many people would you want to be on the Launch Team?” It didn’t take me long to answer, “20!” For the next few seconds I waited in suspenseful anticipation to hear his response. Would he think 20 was too many? Would he think it wasn’t enough? Was it even possible to find 20 adults who would be willing to move to Georgetown, TX with us to start a church from scratch?

Pastor Jason affirmed 20 adults was a good target. Looking back, I should have said 100!

From then on I kept my eyes and ears open to anyone who hinted at the possibility of moving to Georgetown with us. Ok, let’s be honest, if they even mentioned Texas I was dialing in.

Today, there are 15 adults who have committed to be part of Antioch Georgetown! How exciting!

They. Are. My. Heroes.

You can read some of their stories here.

  • They’re sacrificing much to be part of the core team for this new church.
  • They have bought 100% in the vision Antioch Conway has to plant a New Testament church in the fastest growing area of the country.
  • They will job and house hunt while building new relationships for Kingdom impact.

I’m so grateful to serve alongside this gifted team. While we haven’t reached our goal of 20 yet, we are still praying and believing as a faith-filled people that 5 more will join our team.

If by chance, it crosses your mind…let me share with you the 10 expectations we have of our Launch Team members.

1. Make a 2-year commitment.

We are asking for a 2 year commitment to the mission of Antioch Georgetown. After 2 years, you’ll have the opportunity to re-evaluate. Perhaps God would lead you to stay, or maybe He has something else in store for you. Either way, we’ll be grateful for the time God allows you to be with us.

2. Move to Georgetown.

Ok, so this could probably go without saying, but we are asking our Launch Team members to move to Georgetown no later than the summer of 2017.

3. Have a personal, devotional time.

Church planting is engaging the front lines of spiritual warfare. We can’t lead other people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ if we don’t have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We challenge our Launch Team members to listen to God through His Word, and talk to God through prayer.

Church planting is engaging the front lines of spiritual warfare. Share on X

4. Develop Relationships.

Our goal is not just to meet people, but to develop growing relationships – especially with lost people! This will get messy, but we believe it’s worth the mess. We want to invite people into our homes, serve those in our community, and minister to those in need.

Our goal is not just to meet people, but to develop growing relationships - especially with lost people! Share on X

5. Share the Gospel.

What’s the point of outreach if there is no evangelism? We want people to know that Jesus is at the center of all we do! We will look for relational ways to share the gospel with the people around us.

6. Live in/near the city.

This doesn’t mean that your home has to be in Georgetown proper, but we do ask people to do life in the city. Whether it’s going out to eat, the movies, shopping or recreating, we want to love the city of Georgetown.

7. Attend Small Group.

Antioch Georgetown will be a church of small groups. We want our Launch Team to model this by being actively engaged in an Antioch Group – our primary mechanism for discipleship.

8. Attend Financial Peace University.

Dave Ramsey has helped hundreds of thousands of people get their financial house in order. We want to be a generous church, but we can’t do that if our church families are burdened with debt. We must be good stewards of the resources God entrusts to us.

9. Serve.

We want to be known as a church who serves the city. We will live out our faith by serving in our home, church, and community. Our mantra is, “You are most like Jesus when you serve!”

10. Give.

Generosity shouldn’t just be a Sunday thing, but a way of life. We want to live within our means so we are free to bless others. There is joy and freedom found by those who give with a cheerful heart.


One Final Thought.

Perhaps you live in the Georgetown area already. Maybe you see first hand the spiritual needs of a growing community. I’m boldly and humbly asking you, right now, to pray about being part of Antioch Georgetown. Is God inviting you to be part of His mission through Antioch Georgetown?

Even if it’s a 2 % chance, let’s talk! Here’s what I’m asking you to do…simply text “I’m curious” to 512-677-7508.

I promise not to pressure, and you don’t have to commit to anything…BUT, we do want to pray for you!