A World Without Jesus – Women

What in the world would the world look like, if Jesus had never been born? Is today’s women’s movement a “progressive” movement, or does it date back to Jesus’ day?

firmly planted

Firmly Planted – Waiting on Prosper

None of us like waiting, but it is a sign of spiritual maturity. Pastor Andy teaches on the benefits of waiting, and also highlights how we can know God’s will for decisions in life

end of the rope

Know Your Worth

Do you struggle with worry? You’re not alone. Pastor Andy teaches on what the Bible says about dealing with worry.

end of the rope

Margin with Money

What does margin in our money have to do with our peace in life? Pastor Stephen teaches on what God’s Word says about the topic of money.

end of the rope

Finding Forgiveness

We often find ourselves at the end of our rope in a relationship. It may seem natural to simply give up on the relationship, but Jesus offers a different perspective. Pastor Andy teaches on finding forgiveness from Matthew 18.

end of the rope

Rest is Good

Does it really matter how we spend our time? Is Rest really that big of a deal? If you’ve ever made the comment, “I wish I had more time,” then this message is for you. Pastor Andy teaches on what the 4th Commandment has to say about how we spend our time.