5 Things EVERY Small Group Attendee Needs to Know

5 Things EVERY Small Group Attendee Needs to Know

Small Groups are an important part of Leading People to Follow Christ in a Life Changing Way and we can’t do this without leaders and hosts.

Here are a few things that make small group time more enjoyable for the leader/host and your experience more fulfilling.

These aren’t meant to be “rules” or a list of “do theses things or else,” but they are things that help you be ready for the study and for you to be a better guest.

I used the acronym B.I.B.L.E. to help you remember these 5 points.

B. Bring Your Bible

Don’t show up unprepared and expect to get something out of the study.

Bring your Bible and the book/study guide you’re studying.

You are an active participant and need at least some form of the Bible, be it a printed or digital version.

I. Interact

Growing and functioning as the body of Christ requires us to interact with one another.

Come prepared for the study and share what you learned.

Contribute to the conversation.

Share prayer requests when you feel comfortable.

Get to know the people in the group and let them get to know you.

Do your best to attend regularly and when you can’t, let the leader know.

B. Be Generous

Romans 12:13 says, “contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality.”

If a meal is served, contribute; if a mess is made, offer to help clean up; when someone in your group is in need, help in whatever way you can.

This is true fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

L. Lead Your Children Well

Children are an important and valued part of our church family and that means small groups too.

Lead them to be great guest; correct inappropriate behavior; make sure you’re having them contribute to clean up time; make sure they’re eating and drinking where the host is comfortable.

E. Exit Graciously

Respect the hosts time.

They have opened up their home to the group.

They have taken time beforehand to clean and get their home ready for you so don’t stay long after the designated time unless explicitly invited.

We know that some of the best conversations happen after the study but please be cognizant of cues to leave.

These are 5 things that will help everyone grow closer together and enjoy the content in community.