Books and how they change our lives: How adventurous are you?

Many people have told me I am bossy. Fair enough, I will own it. Also, most everyone I know has some subject they feel more directive and vocal about as they share with others. Trust me, my head is swimming with daily directives from others.

Through the events of being “bossed-around,” I have found that the best things in my life were someone else’s idea. While at first, I may have had some mental pushback the Holy Spirit’s guidance won me to yield to the big, better, or unfathomable ideas of others. So with that in mind, my hope for this blog series on books has been to make reading suggestions that cultivate life-change and closeness to Jesus.

One such book/Bible study that brought growth and new spiritual life perspective was Chase the Goose: Reclaiming the Adventure of Living a Spirit-Led Life by Mark Batterson. In general, I like a good story with adventure. So, it is no surprise that Chase the Goose held my attention and started me pursuing an illogical life-long adventure.

When you think of a wild goose chase what do you think—chaos, illogical, does not make sense. Exactly, that is why the Celts choose the goose as their symbol for the Holy Spirit, because following the Spirit is mysterious, and wild geese cannot be caged easily. Batterson uses this imagery as he walks through misconceptions/cages that we as Christians make for the Holy Spirit which hinder our perception of God at work around us and through us.

Of the following six cages which one if not all might be keeping you from experiencing an adventurous Spirit-led life?

  1. Responsibility
  2. Routine
  3. Assumption
  4. Guilt
  5. Failure
  6. Fear

So, how adventurous are you?

Are you caging the Holy Spirit or are you inviting Him to create an unfathomable life-giving adventure for you?