My Journey to Georgetown – Ben Brandon

Growing up as a preacher’s kid in Jonesboro, Arkansas, I spent hours upon hours at church. Whether it be for Sunday services, potlucks, youth revivals, or brotherhood meetings, we were there. Because of that there were countless times I heard different missionaries speak about what was going on at their church plant in America and around the world. Little did I know that I would get to be a part of a church plant years later.

I first joined Antioch Conway in the fall of 2014. I knew it would be a great place for me to get connected in Conway and a great place to serve while earning my Bachelor’s degree from Central Baptist College. Not long after I became a member, I was hired on as the Worship Intern. I was wide-eyed and had so much to learn! I remember in June of 2015, in a staff meeting our pastor, Bro. Jason Aultman, mentioned that we would be working towards starting a new church. He mentioned Georgetown and that it would launch sometime in 2017. Immediately, I felt a tug in my heart! I remember having thoughts like, “Wait that will be right after I graduate?!? Nah that’s not for me. I want to stay in Arkansas.” Despite my initial negative thoughts, immediately following the meeting I went upstairs to my little office and googled “Georgetown, Texas.” I read articles, looked at pictures, and studied all that Wikipedia would tell me. I was excited about what Antioch Conway was wanting to do in Georgetown, but just didn’t want to see myself in that picture. Although It was clear God was already working on my heart.

It was few months later, when Andy and Erin moved to Conway. I immediately began getting to know their family and hear about their vision for Antioch Georgetown. The Holy Spirit continued to work on me and I continued to push away. God’s call on someone’s life is consistent and never-changing. I knew exactly what God was calling me to do, but fear and my own plans got in the way. When I finally surrendered, the peace that overcame me was incredible! In every setting in this world, surrender is seen as a negative thing. It is seen as a loss. But when we surrender to God’s perfect plan we gain freedom, peace, and as backward as it may sound, victory! I found that freedom. I found that peace. I felt that victory!

With this new found freedom and peace, the preparation has begun for Georgetown. The excitement builds as time rolls on. I will graduate in December and just a few short months after that I will move to Georgetown. We took a group from Antioch Conway down to Georgetown in May, it is truly a thriving community. A community that desperately needs the Gospel. Over 60% of Georgetown does not identity with any sort of religion. We pray that God would move and great things would happen in GT. We know He is already at work and we can’t to be a part of what He is going to do there!

– Ben Brandon


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