what is antioch

What is Antioch?

What is Antioch?

Maybe you’ve asked this question, or maybe someone you know has asked this question.  What in the world is Antioch?

It’s not exactly a word we use frequently today.  “I think the antioch in my car is running low.”

Since there can be a little confusion about where this word came from, I thought I’d take a second to clarify exactly what Antioch is.

The short answer…

It’s a city.

Antioch was a Greco-Roman city founded about 400 years before Christ by one of Alexander the Great’s generals.  It was located in modern-day Turkey, and was a very influential city during the Roman Empire.

So what?

If Antioch was an ancient city, why in the world would we name a modern-day church after it?  What’s the significance?

The Church in Antioch was a Christian church, a sending church, and a thriving church. Share on X

The Church in Antioch was a Christian church, a sending church, and a thriving church.

A Christian Church.

Antioch wasn’t just a city.  Antioch was the place where followers of Jesus Christ were first labeled, ‘Christians.’ (Acts 11:26) This label of ‘Christian’ was first used as a derogatory word.  It was an insult.

There was a movement of people who were following the way of Christ, and they were growing.  They were labeled Christ-followers.  In the city of Antioch, some began to call this group of Christ-followers ‘little Christ’s’ or ‘Christian.’  What started out as ridicule became a well-received badge for those Christians.

As we plant a new church in Georgetown, TX, we want to be known as Christ-followers.  In fact, we say our calling is to lead people to follow Christ in a life-changing way.

We don’t want people to become like us or fit in our mold.  We want to lead people to be followers of Jesus Christ! Our lives aren’t worth imitating, but His definitely is!

A Sending Church

The church in Antioch wasn’t interested in becoming a country club.  They were burdened with the mission of making disciples of all nations!

They realized that to impact the world with the message of Jesus, they would need to branch out of their own city and comfort zones.  That’s exactly what they did! (Acts 13:1-3)

After fasting and praying, the church in Antioch sent Paul and Barnabas out for the purpose of starting new churches.

We want to be that kind of church.  We believe God has planted us in Georgetown not only to make in impact on our city, but to make an impact on the world.  Georgetown is located just outside one of the most influential cities in Texas.  Texas is one of the most influential states in the US, and the US is arguably the most influential nation in the world.

We believe Antioch Georgetown has the potential to impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Thriving Church

The church at Antioch wasn’t a dead church. It was alive, growing and thriving.

They boldly taught God’s Word; they endured hardships and persecutions.  The church at Antioch turned the city upside down.  They were constantly engaged in spiritual warfare, fighting for the good news of Christ to be told to every listening ear.

We’ve decided Antioch Georgetown will be a church that isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues of our day.  We will speak up for social injustice, and we will advocate for the fatherless.

We aren’t content with just existing, we want to thrive in our community.



Antioch Georgetown is not a perfect church.  We are an imperfect church, with imperfect people living in an imperfect world.  That’s why we need God’s grace.  We recognize our complete and total dependence on the Lord to build His church, and we are thankful to be a part of what God is doing.

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