Why Creativity?

by Stephen Castleberry


At the heart of the Texas spirit is boldness. Boldness to innovate, to stand up for what’s right, and to blaze your own trail. Central to Texas is the Hill Country area of Austin and Georgetown where creativity shines through local art, restaurants, and music. Antioch Georgetown, a new church in Georgetown, Texas, will never be afraid to try new things to reach people who are far from God.

Have you ever felt that church is outdated? Not relevant? Not speaking the language of young, bold leaders? For many who attended church as kids, they remember church as dusty, plain, and boring – not something alive, powerful, and bold.

That’s why many young adults haven’t been back since they left high school. They’ve spend the last decade of their lives chasing things that are beautiful only to find they’re empty; seeking the lively only to discover it’s futility; and trying to strike out a new path only to find it’s a well-traveled road to nowhere.

Each week at Antioch Georgetown, you will see the full creativeness of God on display as we live bold lives and show our love for Jesus in innovative ways. We will never play it safe when it comes to reaching people who are far from God. We will always be willing to take prayerful risks on our mission to reach Georgetown with the Good News of Jesus.